The Nintendo Switch Has Finally Been Unveiled!

Nintendo NX has been the source of frustration and rumors since it was initially announced in E3 2015. Finally, after all the rumor digging, crazy patents and roller coaster of concepts. It is finally here. The Nintendo NX has been given an official concept. Also, it is more than worth a mention that system has been named the Nintendo Switch.

Once rumored and now confirmed the Nintendo Switch is a portable handheld hybrid featuring detachable controllers. Whether you choose to play it like the Wii U gamepad, remove the controllers and play on the pad’s screen, or dock it to your television; these are all viable ways of play. Nintendo has switched to a modern controller design, one that looks apt for handling what seems to be a new libr- Skyrim?


The NX reveal trailer featured 6 games: Zelda Breath of the Wild, Mario Kart, Splatoon, a new Mario platformer, the latest NBA 2K and finally Skyrim. The two latter entries boast third party support from Bethesda and 2K sports. Regarding Mario Kart, it is a noticeable variation than the one offered for Wii U as you can see King Boo and an option for item switching.

Nintendo Switch Reveal Trailer

The overall presentation of this new console is sleek and more modern than what Nintendo usually aims for. The tablet, dock and controllers are all impressive and the game library is quite exciting. The name of this device is underwhelming to myself, but I see a system full of promise heading to March next year. What Nintendo has done is create a unique hybrid device; one between handheld and console. Breaking conventions of how we play games the Nintendo Switch is sure to keep all who know about it eager.

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