Should Player Unkown's Battleground Be a Contender For Game of The Year?

2017 Nominations

Game of The Year. What is it? How do they choose the nominations for GotY? Is it the most influential game? A game that transcended its genre? The game with the most playtime? The finest tuned game of the genre? Or a game that involves high quality narratives through gameplay?

To answer that let’s look at the last 5 games from the most popular game awards “The Game Awards” (I hope that is what this image is pulled from.)


2012: The Walking Dead- Graphic Adventure: Story Telling

2013: GTA V- Action Adventure: Open World Sandbox

2014: Dragon Age Inquisition - Action RPG

2015: The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt - Action RPG: Open World Fantasy RPG

2016: Overwatch - First Person Shooter: Class Based Team Shooter

Each game belongs to a genre and specific sub genre. (Can’t answer Dragon Age Inquisition since I haven’t played. Please feel free to tell me more about it and I’ll fix the post)

Sub genres hold great differences from other games in their genre. Who would say Overwatch and Call of Duty are similar games outside of being a First Person Shooter?

Now looking at ever game on this list we can see their commonality. Theyare the most fine tuned games for its sub genre that have brought great intricate and nuanced playstyles to their sub genre.


So, Player’s Unknown Battlegrounds. The game that opened the seal on Battle Royale’s that couldn’t be opened by games like The Culling, Minecraft Hunger Games or H1Z1. Battle Royale games were a niche sub genre in the grey area of shooters before PUBG. Now the term Battle Royale is all over the gaming community describing PUBG, the ripples it has created (ex: Fortnight.) and feelings towards the sub genre.

Telltale did the same with Walking Dead and graphic games. Overwatch did the same with class based shooters. GTA V and Witcher 3 fine tuned and built remarkable on their sub genre. (You know I can’t speak on Dragon’s Age if you’re reading the parentheses.)


These games are influential. They are industry setters. They succeeded and go beyond how they fit their sub genre. Ex: have seen many Graphic games since 2012 successful and beyond subgenre TWD thanks to Telltale.

2017 will be synonymous in gamers memories with Player’s Unknown Battleground. I know it will for me. As much as BotW and as much as Odyssey. All three were available to play this year and all three I played the living shit out of for what they are. My argument and my point is PUBG fits what it means to be a nomination for GotY. Finished game or unfinished game it is still a game. A game that became available to players in 2017. A game that hooked itself deeply into 2017’s industry and community. A game that has won over myself as a dedicated player and many as well.

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