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IMPOSSIBLE ROAD by WONDERFUL LASERS is one of the more clever endless runners to be on the app store at the current selling point of $3, but this runner does not come without its problems. Gameplay is simple, keep the ball from falling off the DESCENDING track and go through the furthest marked point you can. If your ball is to fall off the track you are given a limited time to attempt to get back on and continue playing. It makes me nostalgic of those times I played MarioKart64 and would fall off Rainbow Road then hope and attempt to land back on track.

There are two primary ways to play this game, the first is to follow the track as well as you can and then attempt to land back on if you are to fall. A much less eloquent yet slightly intended way to play is to intentionally fall and hop from segments of the track until you can reach a marker towards a lower point. Of these two forms of play the latter is less favorable as the creators limit the style of falling. This balance is created by rewarding players who have more time on the track with more time to fall compared to those who repeatedly fall and land.


The controls are simple yet they can become increasingly frustrating depending which track you are placed. You tap and hold to steer left and right and you can 3D touch in a direction to make sharper turns. As I played through the game I found myself in certain moments fighting more with the controls than with the challenge before me. Portions of the track are impossible to stay on with the given controls and since the game is procedurally generated (randomly created before play) you can be forced to fall at moments with no recovery options.

The game in its (current state) has 4 color themes where the background and ball color will be alike; the road is an opposing lighter or darker color. At first it seems as though you will always lose the ball off stage, but the game cleverly adds shadow and extra lighting to the ball as soon as this happens making it distinguishable. Aesthetic design is minimal, but the game still comes across looking sleek and modern with what it has to offer. Music offers a futuristic theme with techno beats that remind you of glossy futuristic science fiction movies. The Sound effects are my personal favorite from all of the aesthetic options due to the well timed ques it will give players; these ques range from the sound of landing on the track to a low static when falling that crescendos into a high pitch signaling it is game over.

Since the tracks are randomly generated, my biggest problem with this game is that it felt as though I was just resetting repeatedly hoping for a good enough track to earn a decent score. Some tracks can be designed to allow you to be saved over and over, while other tracks it is impossible to recover after one slight or forced error.

Luck is needed to score highly in this game giving a person who feels they have honed and developed skill an unfair chance compared to the person who luckily has a course that allows for simple and possible saves. The game is a fun binge for a few days, but don’t plan that continuous play will allow for skillful decisions. IMPOSSIBLE ROAD is limited by the amount of luck it takes to achieve a high score. The game is currently marketed at $3 which is high for a game of such minimal gameplay and low replay appeal. I suggest to save one’s money and if the concept interests you check out the more polished PC version SUPER IMPOSSIBLE ROAD. Overall this game (IOS version) is not to be considered one of the better runners, but its unique concept adds something fresh to the tired out genre of runners.

(Game Over Screen) Oh yeah, and the answer is no thank you...

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